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Maitreya Mountain Retreat Project

In 1987 Mother Mary said:

“Blessed ones, the trek up Maitreya’s mountain is indeed a pilgrimage and a calling—and even the placing there of a type of structure such as a log cabin where the sound of the rosary might be heard and recited: Archangel Michael’s Rosary, my rosary, Kuan Yin’s Rosary yet to be written down. Thus, it shall become a place of perpetual prayer, thanksgiving, a point of pilgrimage where many can rally.” – Mother Mary, May 11, 1987. Pearls of Wisdom, Vol.30, No.23

In February of 2015, a group of snowshoers who had just scaled Maitreya Mountain went down the backside and ran into a cabin. It was later discovered that the cabin had been built by five WWII veterans, including a man by the name of Homer Terwilliger, who used the cabin until his passing in the early 1990’s.

Maitreya Mountain cabin
Maitreya Mountain cabin

The group that discovered the cabin then discussed what should be done with it… and it was soon decided that the best solution was to renovate the site! Continue reading Maitreya Mountain Retreat Project